Extra wide base in an atrium

Innovation from Down Under

Right from the get-go Equiptec’s had a vision to develop solutions that will better our customers’ working environments and maximise their safety and productivity on the job. Every worksite is different and conditions constantly changing, which is why our products specifically address the challenges many industries face on a daily basis. We didn’t step out to achieve greatness, but to create innovative products that stand the test of time.

VRS Giraffe 2310 over dozer track

Then and now

Two decades on and our focus hasn’t changed but our products have steadily evolved and adapted to meet new demands. We started out developing MultiScaff – our aluminium scaffolding system – and today we’re proud to claim this industry leading integrated system as our own. We’ve also added to the collection, introducing our renowned VRS height adjusting platforms, Zed work deck systems – and we’re still busy creating new products – life is never boring at Equiptec!

The drive to improve

Our MultiScaff rose up from humble beginnings but it soon far exceeded our expectations – and warehouse space! A strong, simple design appealed to our early customers as they found it easy to use, and very robust. The basic design is still going strong – for the same reasons – 25+ years later. We didn’t stop there, we wanted to cover all bases on the jobsite – specifically remedying issues faced by the mining and civil industries, which is why we got busy creating our first-ever VRS height adjusting stair access platforms in 2010 – and we’ve never looked back.

Truck Stops Napier Branch

Industry support

Having worked closely with the Australian mining industry for many years, we know the constant pressures employers are under to maintain safe and productive working environments. So, when designing our VRS series we were driven to create equipment that would multi-purpose and tie in with the array of machines found on mining and civil sites. These industries were hampered by traditional platforms – that were both time consuming and tying up valuable space and manpower. So, we retrofitted our highly manoeuvrable platforms with a range of options – right-angle access, wide face decks, a swing barrier system that provides protection over a wide spread area, extended cantilever options, gel-fitted ties – and it doesn’t end there!

Safety assured, driven by creativity

As with all our products, safety has always been at the forefront of our ideas. When designing MultiScaff we wanted to create a solid structure and omit the use of wood and steel – we were concerned about rotting boards and the heavy componentry of older structures that were putting backs…and even lives at risk. So, even when MultiScaff is erected on the toughest of sties it will perform like no other can. As with MultiScaff, the drive to create better, safer products stemmed the development of our VRS platforms. We aimed to maximise safety and minimise human error. All our platforms are customisable and rock solid – drastically reducing stability concerns, overcoming fixed height platform issues and remedying limited access troubles. And all our products are subjected to ridiculously stringent tests (tipped up on ludicrous angles with weights to the most adverse position – loaded up to 4 times rated capacity…etc) so our customers know categorically…these are safe…and compliant platforms. Big issues, solved right here in NZ! Today, Equiptec’s product lines still follow central “building block” design concepts and new components/options are regularly added. This ensures our customers stay up with what’s new and have the ability to simply add on to their existing systems. We’re in it for the long-term!