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MultiScaff Mobile Scaffolding Tower's brilliantly simple desing is the solid foundation for all enhancements, past and future!

Featuring custom setups for a wide variety of applications and needs, Mobile Scaffolding Towers from Equiptec are premium Scaffolding System availalble New Zealand wide.

  • Proven countless times as the industry's tireless 'workhorse' platform

  • The most sought-after and trusted mobile scaffolding tower in New Zealand

  • Familiar site on construction projects throughout New Zealand for over 25 years

  • Use it in multiple bays/with bridges/various widths and lengths - just build it as big or as small as you need

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Key Product Features

Mobile Selector

Most Common Towers

Single Tower 2
Platform Height


Nominal Reach Height


Nominal Length


Nominal Width


Platform Weight Rating


* Outrigger required – 2 if against a wall or 4 if freestanding

Other Configuration Types

What our customers say about this product...

Double 4 25 clear cut

Mike Wray Scaffolding


Can't go past Equiptec for mobiles

Double 4 25 clear cut

Jones & Cooper Builders


Great gear, quick to use and doesn't break.

Double 4 25 clear cut

Cahn the Painter

Hawkes Bay

I've used scaffolding all my life and this is by far the best I've ever used!

Double 4 25 clear cut

Building Company


I own 2 (other brand) towers and 1 Equiptec. I'll never buy anything other than Equiptec again.

Double 4 25 clear cut

GN Carter Builders


Don't know what I did without it. All I know is a frown line in my forehead has disappeared!

Double 4 25 clear cut

Stevenson & Willams Builders


Only one we will use (Equiptec Scaffold)

Double 4 25 clear cut

Tradesmen Builders


Absolutely rapt, brilliant gear and excellent service. Thank you very much, highly recommended.

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