Giraffe G20 Render


Height Adjustable Stair Access

G20 - Keeping your people up to the job and your plant on the job

Giraffe G20 in maintenance workshop
New Generation Giraffe

It goes without saying, but if you are comfortable and confident you can produce your very best. That's what the G20 does for your people...providing a spacious, strong, easily accessed and firm deck, at the position and height that best suits them to work their maintenance magic safely and in absolute confidence.

Your plant maintenance can be done faster - sometime lots faster - and your gear can be back in action quicker saving big dollars. Everyone wins with the G20.


  • Handpump adjustment over 1350mm in height while deck cantilever remains the same allowing consistant access to multiple different height jobs

  • Wide easy climb stairs do not change angle throughout adjustment range

  • No vertical climbing

  • Extra long free cantilever deck includes 3 exit gates

  • Huge range of options can be retrofitted

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Key Product Features

Model Specifications

Giraffe G20 Render
Deck Height From 1.58m to 2.93m
Overall Width 1456mm
Overall Length 4495mm
Platform Width 780mm
Platform Length 1786mm

The Giraffe G20 system includes many retrofittable accessories allowing you to configure a more exact solution for your access challenges. And when your needs can your G20!

What our customers say about this product...

Vrs Giraffe


Cloudbreak Mine, WA

The VRS has solved numerous access issues with most of our mobile equipment. The platforms are quality build for the mining environment.

Vrs Giraffe

Air New Zealand

Maintenance, Auckland

We have had two VRS units in our hanger since August 2011, and would not work without them now. They have greatly improved height safety, made it simple and efficient to access many difficuilt areas, and have been totally trouble free.

Vrs Giraffe


Blackwater Mine, Qld

The VRS work platforms have brought flexibility to our workforce and almost eliminated all working at height restrictions with any tasks.

VRS Giraffe 3510 with optional Safe T Cell
Safe Hands Free Access

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