Roof Edge Protection, Is It Worth It?

07 February 2024


Any physical work on a roof is a major risk, even if it is only for a few minutes. And obviously, from both a moral and legal perspective, appropriate precautions are needed to manage any risk that involves any person(s) safety.

The Stats around falling whilst working at heights, (from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment) show:

  • more than 50 percent of falls are from less than three metres
  • most of these falls are from ladders and roofs
  • the cost of these falls is estimated to be $24 million a year - to say nothing of the human cost as a result of these falls.

More injuries happen on residential building sites than any other workplace in the construction sector, and of falls experienced by roofers:

  • 20 percent were over three metres in height
  • 40 percent were from permanent structures such as roofs

The only conclusion you can make from these stark numbers is that if you are getting on a roof without the proper protection properly installed, you are highly exposed to a life changing (or ending) fall.

Investing in the right roof edge protection system will not only give you peace of mind that your workers are safe while working at height, but it will also lift your workers morale and efficiency. The Equiptec Quik Guard REP (Roof Edge Protection) system is likely to tick all the boxes important to you…here is a few reasons why:

The Equiptec Quik Guard REP system is an industry first having protected people working on roofs since way back in 2007. Although it was the first NZ system made available, it still leads the market when it comes to speed and ease of installation. And unlike many other brands it can be used on both new and existing buildings. Furthermore, it does not require any fixing to the structure, so it doesn’t interfere with the weather proofing of the building’s exterior. It’s simple, its robust, its effective, its efficient. It’s your go-to protection when you have to get up on any roof.

Top 3 FAQ about Roof Edge Protection system by Equiptec:

  1. Is the Roof edge protection (REP)compliant with Safety Standards? Yes, the system is tested and certified compliant with New Zealand safety standard AS/NZS4994.1
  2. How fast is it to install the Roof edge protection (REP)system? The Quik Guard system has very few parts, and can be erected/dismantled faster than any other system on the market.
  3. Who can set up the Quik Guard Roof edge protection (REP)system? This system must only be set up/dismantled by a suitably competent person who has a good understanding of the instructions manual.

Learn more about Quik Guard REP here or call 0800 84 00 00 to speak to one of the team. Don’t go up there without it!

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