MultiScaff Made in New Zealand ... again!

23 March 2022


Back in 2010 Equiptec had been through some tough years in the GFC, and it was obvious that our NZ manufacturing was not efficient enough to survive as the market was being flooded with cheap (and a bit nasty in places) imported scaffold products. So Equiptec began outsourcing its production to a carefully selected and very proficient Chinese manufacturer. It was a great success, allowing Equiptec to maintain the legendary quality it was renowned for and also the great “value for money” that our customers expected from the Brand.

Fast forward to today and the market faces completely new problems with delivery delays, and massive uncertainty in the supply chain.

So Equiptec has responded again and brought the manufacturing back to NZ! But it’s not like before. Equiptec has invested heavily into state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that not only is the equipment manufactured cost efficiently, but it is also built to pinpoint accuracy and consistency.

And that’s not all. As well as even higher quality the new technology gives us excellent capacity. We will hold some stock for day-to-day immediate dispatch as before, but if your needs require large amounts of any particular component, you don’t have to wait till they are imported…we can now manufacture and deliver in a very timely manner, so you don’t run out of any element of your highly important MultiScaff stock.

The first of the new gear to arrive was our brand-new Tube Laser. This machine can cut Tube in an amazing variety of ways, at an amazingly fast speed…and all to an amazing accuracy of within .02mm (yes, you read right, that’s point zero two of a millimeter!).

Keeping our supply capability efficient, and supply chain short is crucial to supporting you, our customer, in your business venture. And that’s precisely why we are here.

Equiptec takes pride in investing in this machine in order to continually deliver world-class aluminum scaffolding throughout New Zealand and to ensure that your business can continue to depend on us. Equiptec MultiScaff…built in New Zealand, by New Zealanders for New Zealanders. Oh, and by the way…we use New Zealand materials!

Watch this space…even more to come.

Equiptec Tube Laser